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"every moment of presence

is a moment of freedom"​



Oct., 8th and 15th - Nov., 19th and 26th

Studio Laterale, Lugano

Together we will explore:

What is Mindfulness
The origins of Mindfulness date back to approximately 2500 years ago with the first teachings of the Buddha and today is one of the most widely practiced forms of meditation. At its core, Mindfulness is the art of being fully alive and present. Through this type of meditation, you will learn to intimately know yourself and live in a deeper and more conscious way.

Why practice
The benefits of Mindfulness have been the subject of countless clinical studies and include increased mental clarity and focus, stress reduction, pain relief, decrease in anxiety and depression levels, etc. This practice is also used to develop creativity and allows us to access our innate wisdom, intuition, and a broader understanding of reality.

How to practice / how to deepen your practice
We will explore the fundamental principles of establishing a personal mindfulness practice and engage in a variety of techniques to train the mind and open the heart, deepening our experience. Finally, during our last session, we will get more into the heart space incorporating the practice of loving-kindness meditation (Metta) into our exploration.

"each time we sit we get to know

ourselves a little bit better"

Online Mindfulness Meditation Course

learn the art of
meditation with a certified Mindfulness teacher

This course is open to everyone, from absolute beginners to experienced "meditators." Each session will last 90 minutes and will include simple instructions, ample time for guided and self-directed practice, journaling, group sharing (for those who desire), and Q&A sessions.

What to bring? Comfortable clothing, a journal or notebook.

The course will be held in Italian at Studio Laterale, yoga studio,

in via Besso 42, Lugano.

If you're interested in 1:1 or group sessions in English contact me.

Price for the 4 sessions:

early birds until Sept. 24th CHF 200.-

regular price CHF 240.-

The cost includes access to 4 prerecorded guided meditations for the duration of the course, providing valuable support for your home practice. 

Registration through Studio Laterale. 

what people say about this course

This course is a great mix of ancient spiritual wisdom and  knowledge based on modern neuroscience

. Irene is a skilled teacher.

I appreciated the balance between  teachings and meditation practice but also Q&A and group sharing

In a few words: kindness, compassion, inclusivity.

I loved all the guided meditations.

Thank you, this is exactly what I needed.

I already feel a shift in the way I see/meet myself and the world around me.

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