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corporate wellness programs

Elevate your workplace by incorporating the transformative benefits of mindfulness and yoga

I specialize in creating tailored corporate wellness programs designed to help employees manage stress and navigate the challenges of everyday life, while at the same time helping them find more focus and creativity, and build resilience. 

Invest in these programs to foster a more harmonious and inclusive work environment.


My mindfulness workshops teach practical techniques to help employees stay present, manage stress, and enhance overall well-being. These sessions are designed to seamlessly fit into the corporate environment and include simple teachings, guided meditations, breathing exercises, group sharing and discussions, as well as tools for fostering work-life balance.


I offer yoga classes that cater to all levels and can be conducted in the office or at a convenient location. Yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, and posture while promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Regular practice also fosters a sense of community and well-being among employees.


I provide unique team-building activities that combine mindfulness and yoga practices to strengthen team cohesion and improve communication. These activities are designed to promote a sense of community and mutual support among team members.

As part of my team-building offerings, I create tailor-made yoga and hike events. These outdoor experiences make an excellent choice for team retreats and bonding immersed in nature. To find out more visit


I collaborate with some of the leading international and local companies in Ticino, Southern Switzerland, across diverse sectors including IT, banking, fashion, and culture. Sessions are available in both Italian and English. Get in touch to learn more.

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