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meet Irene

"presence is a superpower!"

I teach yoga and mindfulness meditation to offer people precious tools to build a healing space for growth and discovery within themselves. Yoga came into my life unexpectedly in 2010 and it has been a trusted companion ever since. I completed trainings with many teachers including Nico Luce, Michela Montalbetti, Mark Stephens, Simon Park and Doug Keller (with whom I studied the therapeutic side of yoga) and I teach various styles of yoga ranging from the fluidity and dynamism of vinyasa and hatha flow to slow paced classes like yin and restorative. I encourage students to explore their bodies and minds in different ways according to their specific needs, with respect and kindness as well as curiosity and openness. During my classes, I strive to create a safe container for the practice and I put greater emphasis on mind-body-heart awareness rather than on the outer aesthetic or form of the physical posture. The point is to cultivate mindfulness, a moment-to-moment awareness, using asanas as the vehicles in which to do so.

I'm passionate about understanding the nature and potential of human mind and through the years, besides my yogic path, I've studied and explored different meditation techniques, eastern philosophies and regression hypnosis. Mindfulness Meditation offered me greater insight and freedom allowing me at the same time to find a new level of depth in my yoga practice. I'm a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, I trained with internationally renowned teachers Jack Kornfield P.h.D. (one of the pioneers of mindfulness in the West) and Tara Brach P.h.D. through The Awareness Training Institute and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley. All of my meditation and yoga classes are trauma sensitive and inclusive for everyone.

Apart from being a teacher, I'm a mother, I love nature, long hikes, music (from classical to indie rock & all in between!), books, night time stories with my daughter, plant-based food, crystals and witchy things... and all forms of creative expression! I believe in the magic of life and the goodness of the human heart. And finally I'm a language specialist and a translator with a university degree in linguistic mediation. I teach in Italian and English.

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